Wife posts brutal review of her cleaner after she busts her sleeping with her husband

A WOMAN has shared her brutal review of a local maid service after she discovered that her husband was sleeping with their cleaner.

Taking to Facebook, the anonymous wife shared screen shots of their illicit text messages on a local yard sale group.

In one lewd message the cleaner asks the husband, “C** for me and show me” before the husband asks her to “show me some t***.”

The pair then engaged in a video call while the husband is in the family basement.

Captioning the post she wrote: “Do yourself a favour and don’t hire (withheld) maid services.

"You will have a clean house, but (withheld) will send sexual messages and videos to your husband.”

The brutal post has since been shared on Reddit where it divided opinion, with many agreeing that the husband was as guilty as the maid.

One wrote: “That’s not the maid services issue, that’s a marriage issue. Takes two to tango and the husband was definitely making moves.”

“Doesn't seem like her husband was resistant in the slightest” agreed another.

A third added: “It does take two to tango. Here’s hoping that the wife called out her trash husband in a similar or stronger way.”

Others were quick to share their outrage over the maid service.

“That turned my stomach in so many directions” said one, another added, “THATS TERRIBLE!! That's just really bad.”

The video was shared on the subreddit r/Trashy.

The group has over 1.9 million members and is described as a place for "trashy stories, trashy glamour, all things fake, plastic and downright trashy."

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