What you see first in this new optical illusion reveals if you're analytical and conventional or intuitive and decisive | The Sun

OPTICAL illusion enthusiasts have learned more about their true nature with one mind-bending image.

The way that different people approach solving brainteasers, puzzles, and other problems can reveal a lot about thought processes and personalities.

TikToker @Psychologylove regularly posts optical illusions that can reveal hidden elements of your personality.

In one of the latest images shared by the psychology enthusiast, players can discover if you are analytical or intuitive.

It all depends on what you see first when looking at the image. 

The image depicts a mountainous landscape with birds and snow.

However, there are also other images to be spotted within, such as three bears etched into the mountains.

Some people will have immediately spotted the bears before noticing the mountains or taking in the bigger picture.

According to the TikToker, this means that you are logical and analytical.

You are likely to be good at assessing facts and figures and taking a logical approach to things.

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"You don't act on impulse, you prefer a step-by-step approach to things," the psychology enthusiast said.

If you saw the three bears first, it is also highly likely that you go by rules and regulations and follow the rule book.

You lean towards convention and the typical methods of "laying a secure and solid foundation."

The TikToker added: "When you have the chance, you bring out the most logical arguments and details that others probably fail to grasp.

"When given a problem or critical situation, you don't see a problem as a whole but rather try to break the problem down into distinct concepts."

This is your analytical mind making the situation more manageable and this means that you are good at solving problems and have an eye for detail.

This ability to notice finer details is why you saw the three bears first.

However, if you saw the snow-capped mountains first, you are most likely more intuitive, even if you notice afterward that the bears are also there.

Being an intuitive thinker means that you follow your inner voice over others and as a result are rarely disappointed.

According to the TikToker, "Your intuitive powers are your most powerful weapon whether you realize it or not."

You may regularly shun convention to follow your heart due to your strong intuition, meaning you often end up on the right path for your journey.

While your way of thinking may mean that you can miss details and key facts, your previous experiences can be drawn upon as a guide as well as inform your instinct.

This means that even in the face of opposition and disagreement, you are strong enough to follow your own voice.

You are not indecisive, instead, being intuitive makes you good at decision-making as you likely have a talent for thinking outside the box.

One viewer asked: "What if I saw 3 bears made out of a mountain? So I saw both at the same time?"

The creator replied: "So, you are both."

Another said: "Wow it does describe me a lot."

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