What you don’t see in this optical illusion could mean you’re SELFISH… what do YOU see?

WHAT you don't see in this optical illusion could mean you're selfish – so what do you see?

This mind-bending visual puzzle can apparently tell if you're an altruistic person or not.

At first, the puzzle looks like some sort of explosion is occurring with in it, but take a closer look and you might something completely different.

According to Thewonderlist, if you see an explosion, it means you are a good organiser and an excellent leader.

You are aware of your responsibilities and take any consequences for your actions.

But, if you see you two thumbs, that means you are interested in others and want to understand and help them.


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That makes you a truly altruistic person.

Another optical illusion that's gone viral is said to be able to tell if you're a hopeless romantic or a good friend with a shoulder to cry on.

A popular TikTok account shared the striking image, which left countless commenters reeling when they learned the emotional implications of what they saw.

The poster, who goes by ItsMeFuzz, shared the optical illusion that rapidly racked up over 400k views and a sea of comments.

He explained the meaning behind the illusion's hidden images in a clip.

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"If you actually saw the two cats first, this means you have a very strong passion for romance," the content creator explained.

He added that if the cats were immediately obvious to you, it's likely you also have "a very strong connection with all your family members."

"If you ended up seeing the whole dog head first," the TikTok star continued, "you're overall a very helpful person."

"You're a very good shoulder to cry on for a close friend," he added.

And another apparently reveals if you're a gullible person.

TikTok star Charles Meriot shared a recent clip explaining what his latest illusion can reveal about viewers' personalities.

Meriot displayed the illusion behind him as he asked: “What did you see first?”.

He explained: “If you saw the man first it means you’re social, you have a lot of friends, but sometimes you can be a little bit gullible and have trouble making decisions.

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“If you saw the penguin first it means you’re intuitive and wise, and you know that for good things to come to you, you have to be patient.” 

Charles’ video has clearly got many people involved as it has racked up 115.8k views. 

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