What to Know Before Dyeing Your Hair Pink for Festival Season

There are a few standouts that rule Coachella hair — flower crowns, boho waves and pink hues. We’ve covered the new take on a flower crown and how to master laid-back waves. Now we’re ready to dive all-in on pink hair color.

Arrojo colorist Lucy Jacobi spilled some of the need-to-know basics when it comes to blush locks. Her number one piece of advice: Products are critical.

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“Depending on the product used to cleanse and style, pinks can last for just a couple washes or through most of the summer,” she said. “Pink tends to fade a bit warmer or more peachy than other fashion tones like blue or purple. To help achieve your perfect pink, it’s best to maintain healthy, strong hair.”

So how can you do this? Jacobi recommends a repair treatment and hair oil. A treatment like Arrojo’s Hair Repair Treatment can restore and rebuild the structure of the hair so it stays smooth and strong. “This is great for after color care, or to start preparing damaged hair for color.” As for the oil, the brand’s Shine Luxe Oil is super lightweight so not to weigh down even fine strands as it helps lock in moisture to boost shine and leave strands silky soft.

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Keeping the shade properly toned is another major component. Using color-safe shampoos will help but the main key is a toning conditioner. Jacobi recommends maintain with Overtone, a super-easy tonal conditioner that comes in a range of tones and vibrancies. Plus its moisturizing formula will help to keep hair hydrated.

Besides harsh shampoos another aggressor that can affect the hue is the sun (something there’s a lot of in the California desert). Using a UV protecting spray like Rene Furterer Solaire Protective Summer Fluid can help minimize damage. But if you’re really nervous about fading your best bet is a hat, bandana or any headpiece to cover your tresses.

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But no matter how much you stick to a strict and carefully curated hair routine, the color is still going to fade. “Be ok with the subtle changes you’ll see in your hair color daily, especially after shampooing,” Jacobi says. “If you’re determined to keep your fashion color, book an appointment with your colorist for a toner when you’re back from the festival.”

Now you’re ready to rock on with your new bold strands!

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