What Is Gua Sha? All About the Celeb-Loved Beauty Practice

Jade rolling is so 2018. At least in the world of Hollywood wellness moves! As we jump into the new year, celebrities are buzzing about another ancient Eastern skincare method that delivers serious results. Enter: gua sha, the ancient Chinese practice that uses a flat, crystal facial massage tool to scrape the surface of the skin. This technique is used to boost circulation and stimulate lymphatic drainage to give you a more sculpted, smooth and glowing complexion. Aside from just the cosmetic benefits, gua sha has also been used to relieve tension and pain in places like the neck, head and jaw that can come from TMJ for instant ahhhh…

Similarly to cupping, gua sha can irritate the skin and leave behind unwanted marks and bruises. Just ask Justin Bieber who used this tool to help with neck pain. Famously, Bieber shared an honest Instagram post showing off his red, inflamed skin post-treatment, clarifying that the markings were not hickeys. The Biebs isn’t the only one getting in on the love – other celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Elle Macpherson have also been rumored to practice gua sha.

So if you’re looking for a new way to improve your skin in 2019, try giving yourself a facial massage with any of these gua sha tools. But note: When practicing this method on your face at home, go gently, moving in upward and outward motions to help smooth over fine lines and decrease bloating. The kind of pressure that leaves marks like Bieber’s should be left to the pros!



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