What does ER stand for and what will it change to now Charles is King? | The Sun

YOU may have spotted the letters ER dotted around, but have you ever wondered what they mean?

The regal-looking symbol is, in fact, related to the Queen – so now that she has sadly passed away, does it mean that they'll change? We've got all you need to know.

What does ER stand for?

The Queen signed all official documents with ER which stands for Elizabeth Regina.

Regina is not a name she was given at birth but is Latin for Queen.

ER was the monarch's royal cypher – or in other words, a monogram that had Queen Elizabeth II's initials.

You may have also spotted it written as E II R which indicated that she was the second queen to be called Elizabeth.

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Where is ER used?

Nowadays, the royal cypher is most often seen on the iconic red post boxes in many parts of the United Kingdom.

It's also on government buildings across the Commonwealth, government papers and duty stamps.

The Queen's cypher is also found on the clothes of some of the Royal staff, including the trumpeters, as well as navy and army uniforms.

Will ER change now Charles in King?

His Majesty was officially proclaimed King on Sunday September 11 by the Accession Council in a ceremony at St James' Palace.

As part of the ceremony, he was expected to sign two official documents, it was then that the world was given a glimpse at his new signature and cypher as the reigning monarch.

He signed "Charles R", but unlike the Queen, the "R" doesn't stand for Regina, but for Rex, which is the Latin word for King.

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