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WITH Valentine's Day right around the corner you might be busy planning the perfect date with your partner.

But if you want to spice things up there's no better time try out some new moves in the bedroom.

Here are some of the best sex positions you can give a whirl for the occasion if you want to show off some new moves.

The Lotus Lover

If you want to try something as equally challenging as it is pleasurable, why not give this intimate position a go?

Tracey explained how to do it on the Mail: “He sits cross-legged and leans back against a wall, using his hands for support.

"You then kneel over his lap, gripping him with your thighs for balance and lower until he’s penetrated."


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This sitting position focuses on rocking, rather than thrusting for extra clitoral stimulation.

The Seashell

This fun pose can be delivered either ‘high’ or ‘low’, meaning you get two positions for the price of one.

To master it you'll need to lie on your back, propped up on your elbows and bring your legs up as high as as you can.

It's good to aim to get your legs by your ears, but it's important not to force your body into any positions that aren't comfortable.

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Your partner then lies on top of you, with their arms supporting their weight, and enters you.

The Couch Canoodle

If you're ditching a posh date for a night in watching Netflix, this might be the move for you.

The Couch Canoodle is designed to be tried on the sofa and is ideal for heating things up with your partner.

Start with your partner sat on the sofa and lower yourself onto him with your knees splayed so that your legs sit either side of his lap.

Slowly lean all the way back so that you’re almost upside down, and place your hands on the floor to support yourself.

Have him enter you and then thrust back and forward while opening and closing your legs.


Sometimes it's good to take things back to basics, and this sex position is perfect for a Valentine's steamy session with your partner.

The Missionary position has one partner on top, as the other lays flat with their legs spread either side of their partner's legs.

The partner on top will usually have more control over speed and depth in this position, so communication is key here.

The Winter Warmer

Valentine's Day is usually still a pretty chilly time of year, so this saucy pose will help warm things up quickly.

To get it right, your bloke should kneel on the ground while you straddle his thighs, keeping your bodies close.

Thrust back and forth and up and down as you wrap your arms around each other.

Not only does it guarantee a mind blowing organism, but you'll forget all about the rainy weather outside as you turn the heat up inside.

The Pretzel

For a move that requires almost no effort from one partner, the Pretzel can have big results.

Simply get your partner to straddle your left leg while you are lying down and wrap your other leg around them as they penetrate you.

For a non-penetrative version, try putting your leg on your partner's right shoulder and gently grinding instead.

The Lightning Bolt

This saucy position is perfect if you want to bring the spark back into your relationship – and there's no better time for that than Valentine's Day.

Your partner must maintain a tall, erect pose while you get to work.

Gently lift one leg above your lover’s head and grab it with the hand on the same side of the body.

Keep your balance by holding onto a chair or another piece of furniture and let him penetrate you from behind.

Forget thunderstorms outside, you’ll be creating your own inside.

The Super Soaker

Why not spice things up buy introducing sex toys into the bedroom? Or should we say bathroom, with this bathtub position.

Get some waterproof toys – a trip to a store to choose things together can really help you learn about your partner's likes and dislikes.

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Once the tub is full of water and your both in, it's time to get busy.

This can also be done without toys but buying something new together introduces another layer of intimacy and kicks things up a notch.

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