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DURING THEsummer months we battle mosquitos, flies, gnats and if you were really unlucky cockroaches.

And as autumn is just around the corner, inevitably we will now be facing a new enemy as it is officially spider season.

For many of us, seeing a spider sends shivers down our spines and the creatures tend to appear in many homes from early September. 

Mid-October is when the presence of spiders tends to get that bit worse as this is when their mating season commences.

For millions of people just the thought of drawing back the shower curtain and being greeted by a daddy long legs leaves them paralysed with fear.

Thankfully pest control experts have come up with some amazing tips on how to keep you house spider free and it's a simpler than you would believe.

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One simple trick is to keep damp towels out of the bathroom.

"Moisture is essential for any spider and they cannot live without it,"  Said entomologist Macy Ruis.

She continued: "Wet towels also attract bugs such as gnats, flies, mites, centipedes, ants, crickets, and cockroaches—all of which are common sources of food for spiders."

Pest control expert Ron Hodgkins agreed and said: "Spiders are attracted to moisture because one, they need it to survive, and two, they know their prey also needs it to survive.

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"Spiders will build webs around areas of moisture in hopes their prey will come looking for water and fall into their trap." 

Thomas Marbut general manager at US store Mosquito Squad was also anti wet towel dropping.

He warned that leaving damp and dirty towels was an open invitation for our long legged friends to take residence in the bathroom.

He said: "During cold months, spiders seek shelter, so it is best to keep towels hung up to avoid having spiders seek shelter in a pile of towels,"

Adding: "spiders are also drawn to dirty areas like windows that haven't gotten dusted for a while. That includes under your bathroom furniture or an untidy stack of clothing on the floor."

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Another no-no is plants in the bathroom. They may give your bathroom a spa like feel it but it often proves to be a haven for spiders.

"Plenty of insects are herbivores, so spiders hang around plants knowing these insects will eventually turn up and get trapped by their webs," explained Andrew Gabries.

So if you don't want live in fear and get a home Invasion by a colony of arachnids then all you need to do is listen to the advice of the experts and leave wet towels out of the bathroom.

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