We were fed up of living in a beige village so painted our house bright yellow and now our neighbours hate us | The Sun

PAINTING your house bright yellow is a bold move – especially if the rest of the street is uniform.

But one couple was so fed up with living in a beige village that they decided to take the plunge – and their neighbours are not happy at all.

Ann Marie Beacock, 70, and husband Leighton, 68, from Canada, decided to inject some colour into their village but neighbours say it's 'unsightly.'

The backlash started when Ann, an interior designer received an anonymous call saying her house looked 'ugly' and that he no longer wanted to buy the land next to it because of the unsightly colour.

The interior designer revealed she had spotted people avert their eyes from her house as they walk past because of the bold colour.

The couple had lived in the village for 30 years before they decided to jazz up the exterior of their house.


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Ann said: "We live in a tiny town. All the houses are quite old and beige.

"My husband and I decided our home needed a paint and we decided to wake up the town."

Talking of the phone caller, she said he claimed to have lived in her town for 30 years and that she should "tone down the paint colour as it's ugly".

She added: "I was irritated – he must have known my husband and I.

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"We liked it – we loved it – we didn't care what our neighbours thought.

"When I see someone looking at my house, I smile at them and they giggle back."

Ann revealed that the negative reaction to their yellow house wasn't really a surprise to the couple.

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She continued: "The negative reactions aren't really a surprise.

"I hope in another ten years more houses in Canada will be painted colours other than beige."

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