We tried the Victoria's Secret Angels' pre-runway diet including EIGHT eggs for breakfast and it ended in migraines and misery

This week the world's most famous catwalk show is back in New York, so we decided it was time to see what actually goes in to achieving that enviable shape and is it really worth it?

Here's how Sun journalist Lauren Windle dealt with the head aches and misery of boring sugar, additive and fun free food that comes from eating like one of the world's most celebrated lingerie models.

Day 1

First thing: Dandelion tea

Blanca Padilla and Nadine Leopold's trainer told Pop Sugar that the girls kick things off with this cup of brewed goodness. Not a terrible way to start the day.

Despite sounding a bit weird, dandelion tea actually tastes similar to regular tea before adding the milk.

Off to a reasonable start.

Breakfast: Eight eggs

No point getting too comfortable though as breakfast turned out to be an endurance-test-come-eating-challenge akin to those subjected on contestants of Japanese game shows.

According to Style Caster Elsa Hosk chows down on EIGHT eggs the morning of the show. That's right eight.

After Googling to check it wouldn't kill me, I embarked on the mammoth meal… and it was not enjoyable.

I managed to keep all eight down but it was touch and go.

Lunch: Salmon filet with salad

Nothing wrong with lunch apart from the aching hunger I felt just 10 minutes after finishing.

Made all the worse by the gentle waft of battered cod coming from the canteen on fish 'n' chip Friday.

Snack: Dried peas

VS model Stella Maxwell revealed her diet plan to Byrdie.co.uk and in her interview she said: "For snacks, I like nuts and those dried peas. They're really addictive."

I can conclusively confirm that they are not.

The tiny beads of rock-hard pea are dense enough to crack your teeth.

If you do have nashers sharp enough to break through the solid exterior all you'll get is a bitter "pea like" taste just without the sweetness.

Would not recommend.

Dinner: Poached chicken with steamed broccoli

By this point my head felt like it was about to explode, it was literally screaming at me to bring it some carbohydrates.

I was hoping for something to quench my uncontrollable urges for white flour but another meal brought another boring dish to top off a culinary disaster of a day.

Poach chicken comes with an unappealing anaemic colour.

On the plus side though, the unusual cooking method did leave the breast nice and moist.

Day 2

First thing: Warm water with ginger, cayenne pepper and lemon tea

At first glance, this feels fine. I would go as far as to say I like a lemon and ginger tea on a winter's morning.

Elsa Hosk – who'll model this year's $1million Fantasy Bar – certainly does, she told Style Caster that she starts the day with the hot beverage, only she pops in some cayenne pepper.

The first sip of this tastes fine but by the time I was half way down the cup my mouth was filled with the fire of a thousands suns and my stomach started to get that sick feeling back after yesterday's eggs.

Right now my body hates me. But I just hate Elsa Hosk.

Breakfast: A grapefruit sprinkled with cinnamon

Next up was a brief reprieve from the sugar-free, fun-free diet with a grapefruit sprinkled with cinnamon, recommended by Blanca Padilla and Nadine Leopold's trainer.

Having had nothing that even resembled sugar, the grapefruit tasted like sweet, sweet nectar.

Workout: Megaformer workout

Martha Hunt swears by the Megaformer method for refining her shape according to People Magazine.

So I headed down to Studio Lagree – the only place in London with the intimidating looking machines – to try it out.

Not to be confused with reformer, the Megaformer machines offered stretching, tensing and working in muscles I didn't know I had.

After just half an hour on the torture device I was spent, and movement the following day was definitely restricted.

A particular highlight was when my charming trainer Linda asked if I was "hamming up" the pain for the camera. Embarrassingly, I wasn't.

Lunch: Grilled tofu  and stir fried vegetables

Having always been weary of tofu (what is tofu anyway?), I wasn't looking forward to this one. And I was right not to.

Another boring lunch barely worth acknowledging.

My diet as a Victoria's Secret model

Day 1

First thing: Dandelion tea

Breakfast: Eight eggs

Lunch: Salmon filet with salad

Snack: Dried peas

Dinner: Poached chicken with steamed broccoli

Day 2

First thing: Warm water with ginger, cayenne and lemon tea

Breakfast: Half of a grapefruit sprinkled with cinnamon

Lunch: Grilled tofu  and stir fried vegetables

Snack: Spinach, blueberry, flaxseed, and lemon smoothie

Dinner: Poached chicken salad

Snack: Spinach, blueberry, flaxseed, and lemon smoothie

By the afternoon I was tired and miserable and gagging for a snack.

The grapefruit had gone some way to satisfying my sugar craving but I needed more.

I was delighted when I saw that my afternoon treat would be a spinach, blueberry, flaxseed, and lemon smoothie… until I saw the colour.

After blending up the ingredients, they morphed into a deeply disturbing green elixir. At this point I realised there was nothing to get excited about.

And there really wasn't.

Dinner: Poached chicken salad

My favourite meal of the lot… simply because it represented the end of my gruelling diet experiment.

Every bland mouthful was like a celebration as I got increasingly near to the finish line on the ridiculous food plan.


Victoria's Secret Angel I ain't… and I think I may be ok with that.

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