We bought a tiny home shell and built it from the ground up – Home Depot even gave us free sheetrock | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed that she and her husband have purchased the shell of a tiny home and are building the rest together.

The TikTok user shared a video on her account featuring the steps they took in building onto the tiny home shell they purchased and received more than 115,000 views.

Brooke Medders (@brookemedders) captioned the video: "We are building our home from the ground up."

She added: "[It's] been an experience to say the least & [it's] still a work in progress."

The TikToker included hashtags like #tinyhouse, #homedepot, #lowes and #building.

In the video, the user shared various pictures of her family's beautifully constructed tiny house with screen text reading: "We bought our tiny home shell and started building."

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With photos of wood inside the bare interior of the home, Brooke said the "first step was framing."

"Then electric," she added with another progress photo.

After beginning the electrical installation, the couple "bought some chairs for the porch" of the tiny home and "built some steps."

She said they then "started the plumbing and finished the electric."

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Once they wrapped the electricity up, "next was sprayfoam," Brooke said with screen text on top of her video showing the addition of the foam in the ceiling and walls of the house.

"The best part is the free sheetrock from Home Depot [because] it was 'damaged,'" she added with screen text.

With more than 4,000 likes, many viewers of the video had questions about her process with the tiny home.

A user asked: "My husband and I are looking into doing a tiny home, how much was it in full?"

Brooke replied: "We spent WAY more [than] $8,000."

"But we paid for good quality everything," she added.

"How did you do the concrete," someone inquired.

The tiny home owner responded: "We used it for the fence post!"

A viewer asked: "How do you go about starting this journey?"

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They went on to say: "I want to live in a tiny home but I dont know where to start."

"I started looking for a shell & who sold the cheapest but well built," Brooke replied.

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