Unified Goods Has Sourced Over 50 Vintage PlayStation 2 Pieces for Its Latest Drop

As the world gears up for the wider release of Sony‘s PlayStation 5, London-based vintage store Unified Goods has taken on the task to source and sell over 50 rare retro gems from the PlayStation 2 era.

Unified Goods is offering everything from vintage merch T-shirts, sweaters and jackets to accessories, media, and curiosities associated with the PS2, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary alongside the release of this year’s PS5.

Some standouts from the collection — which took a year to source and may well be the biggest collection of vintage PlayStation merch made available ever in one place — includes the navy rollneck long sleeve that features a PS2 logo on the neck, the selection of branded caps, beanies and sun visors, and the denim shirt that also features an embroidered PS2 logo on its chest.

Speaking on why it wanted to celebrate the PS2, Unified Goods says, “With nearly a year indoors, video games have proven themselves to be almost a friend like entity, an immersive and reliable alternative world for us to all dip and out of when we just needed a moment. Whether it was rediscovering an old title from our past or a brand new release, it’s no illusion that they can help spark creativity and altered thought. It feels like a pivotal year for gaming and for the Sony PlayStation brand and we really want to honor this moment with these capsules.”

Alongside the vintage collection, Unified Goods has produced a limited selection of UFG2 T-shirts and caps that are inspired by the PS2’s gradient logo. Everything is printed on vintage-sourced reclaimed blanks, which makes for a sustainable collection.

Lastly, in honor of the release, Unified Goods captures the golden era of gaming by digitally rendering its store as if to replicate Tony Hawk’s Pro Skateshop. Take a look at Unified Goods’ “Mental Wealth” PlayStation 2 collection above, and shop the vintage garms on its website from 6 p.m. GMT today (1 p.m. EST).

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