TV show slammed for bizarre ‘how to shop sexily’ segment for women, telling them to ‘arch backs’ as they reach for beans

AN ITALIAN TV programme has been axed after it featured a segment giving women tips on how to ''shop sexy''.

The slot on Detto Fatto, the equivalent of ITV's This Morning, featured pole dancer Emily Angelillo in a short tight leather mini skirt and skimpy blouse.

It showed Emily strutting down a set up supermarket in high heels, pushing a trolley and wiggling her bottom as she walked towards a shelf.

She was then shown saying “Don't climb all over the shelves” if you are trying to reach something high but “maintain your poise by keeping your back straight”.

Emily was then seen telling viewers to kick one leg up in the air behind for a little extra ''intrigue'' while keeping a ''sensual and alluring poise''.

Other tips included how to pick up an item off the ground – which may or may not have fallen accidentally – while remembering to keep your legs closed to "avoid making the situation more vulgar."

The segment was aired on the eve of International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, a fact that didn't go unnoticed by members of the public who slammed the episode on social media.

The programme was condemned by politicians including government ministers who demanded to know why the piece was aired on public television.

Italy's agriculture minister stormed:''For how long must we continue talking about women in a false, stereotypical way, with stiletto heels, sexy moves, always perfect, mermaids or witches?"

Rai, Fabrizo Salini, promised an investigation into the episode which has “nothing to do with the spirit of the public service and with the editorial line of Rai." Last night Salini announced that the programme has been cancelled.

Detto Fatto host, Bianca Guaccero, has accepted responsibility and apologised on behalf of the programme for the "superficiality" of the segment.

Writing on her Twitter she said:''I am a woman, a single mother, who fights every day for what she believes, especially in the defense of the category I represent the woman.

''I have always worked by proposing an image of myself very far from that of the object woman trying to break down any wall of prejudice and male chauvinism but I am the host of a program, I take part of the responsibility for what happened.

''I apologise to everyone for the superficiality with which this situation was handled by our entire team.

"I am sure of the good faith of the authorial group that has been working for months, trying to put together, with great effort, a dignified and cheerful program despite all the difficulties of the pandemic situation we are experiencing.

''The tutorial in question had to adhere to some comical and surreal tones, not to be taken seriously, but this time we got it wrong.

"So I apologize on behalf of my whole team, to all those people who have felt affected by this sad curtain. As I have always done in my life, I will make sure that this never happens again.''

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