Trolls say my super-long nails look like claws and always ask how I sleep with them… I don’t care, they look great

A WOMAN who has super-long nails is sick of constantly being asked questions about how she lives her daily life with them.

Mariyah May keeps her fans updated on her nail choices on her TikTok page, sharing videos on how she works out and puts her hair up with the talons on.

While the majority of people commenting on the videos are long nail fans themselves, some trolls compare Mariyah to Edward Scissorhands or the Grinch and ask how she goes to the bathroom and sleeps with the nails.

"A lot of people ask how I sleep with my long nails and this is just what I imagine how you think that I sleep," Mariyah said in one video, as she pulled some hilarious poses with her nails placed on her face.

"I’m surprised how often I get this question," she captioned the clip.

Responding to the video, one person wrote: "TO BE FAIR … the first time I got XXL nails I literally kept poking myself in my face as I slept and I remember thinking 'this is not a problem I thought I would encounter with these…'"

"I feel I slowly made my way up to this length so it wasn’t like a huge change for me thank goodness," Mariyah replied.

"Personally I just know I would end up breaking them off in my sleep or while moving around or something but I applaud you for not being as clumsy as I," another person commented.

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A fellow long nail fan recalled a horrific encounter with her own talons, writing: "I RIPPED my pinky acrylic nail off in my sleep but instead of just the acrylic coming off it ripped my real nail off with it & was only connected by deep inside the cuticle.

"Other than that, gushing blood and I could see my entire real nail connected to my acrylic but no longer connected to my skin.

"WORST EXPERIENCE EVER… Haven’t had acrylics since…" she concluded.

"I already know an ungodly amount of ppl ask you the wiping question too," someone else wrote.

And sure enough, just a few comments down, someone had asked: "How do you wipe?"

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