Tricky puzzle challenges you to spot the man wearing a ‘number one’ T-shirt in a crowded scene

Skipton Building Society has created a ‘one in a million’ puzzler – and it’s baffling us.

They released this challenge to celebrate hitting one million customers, 150 years after they opened in 1853.

The building society has hidden a person wearing a number one on their shirt somewhere in this busy high street.

Skipton spokesman Roy Prenton said: “We want to make every one of our members feel like one in a million."

Fear not if you can’t find the answer – as we’ve ringed it in red below.

Roy added: “Much has changed since 1853, with the world undergoing several revolutions in the last century and a half.

"In 1854, at the first annual meeting of what was to become Skipton Building Society, we had just 223 members and held £2,951.16s.8d in balances.

"Forward 164 years and in August we saw the average UK house price at £233,000. Quite a change.”

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