Thrifty mum swaps to ‘yellow sticker shopping’ to save £4k for her dream wedding

THIS savvy bride-to-be is using yellow sticker shopping to slash the price of her food shop to save for her dream wedding.

Mum-of-two, Clare Greaves, 37, from Leeds, has been using yellow sticker food bargains so that she can set aside more money for her dream wedding next year.

Before she began hunting for yellow sticker bargains, Clare says that she would spend over £150 each week on food shopping for her family.

However, since using her thrifty techniques, Clare has been able to reduce the price of her shop by over half and is saving more than £70 each week to go towards her wedding with her partner, Nick.

Clare admits that she hasn't always been as savvy as she is these days and used to be terrible with money.

She said: "I kind of stumbled across yellow sticker shopping by accident.

"One evening after I put the kids, Sofia, eight, and Freya, two, to bed I went to the supermarkets to grabs some bits.

"This is when I spotted the yellow labelled products, so I just kept going back for more and looking for other bargains I could pick up.

"Once I started getting discounts and realised how much money I was saving, I didn't want to pay full price for things."

Clare does a regular food shop once a week where she mainly buys fresh produce and then visits different supermarkets around twice a week to pick up her yellow sticker food bargains to go with her fresh ingredients.

She says that by doing this she has gone from spending more than £150 per week on her family's food shopping to spending around £70 each week.

She added: "By doing the yellow sticker shopping we have been able to boost our savings and set aside more money for our wedding next year.

"In the past year I would say we have saved around £4000 for the wedding thanks to yellow sticker shopping.

"With the savings we have made on food we have been able to pay the deposit for the venue and the registrar.

"We will also be able to use the money towards bridesmaid's dresses, other essential outfits, flowers and decorations.

"By the end of the year, we will have fully paid for the wedding."

Clare says that if there are some good deals on meat in the reduced section, she often stocks up and freeze it for future meals.

She added: "It is useful to buy in bulk to shove in the freeze, as well as batch cooking meals because you are creating extra portions and will be even further reducing the price of the up and coming weeks.

"For example, I usually buy the big packs of reduced mince which costs around 40p, and I cook it up into batches and freeze it. It ends up costing pennies.

"Our meals usually end up costing less than £1 per portion.

"One of my top tips for reducing the price of your food shop is knowing what you already have in your house before you go shopping.

"By doing this I know what I don't need to buy. There is no need to waste money and by things for no reason.

"It's not a bargain if you end up throwing it away."

Clare recalls one of her biggest savings was during the festive period last year where she managed to bag £127 worth of shopping for just £7.

She says the family were stocked up on food for two weeks with this haul.

Clare added: "I have also recently done a shop which should have cost me £67 but I bought it all for £7, so I managed to save £60 in total in one trip which is great.

"We have also recently got an allotment where we plan to grow our own vegetables now the better weather is coming in, so this will increase our savings even more."

Clare's savviness doesn't just stop at her food shopping and she has also been securing herself some bargains for the wedding day itself.

She said: "I have bought two dresses for my wedding which have both been really heavily discounted.

"I purchased one for £50 that should have cost £1,500 and the other one cost be £50 but should have been £500.

"My wedding shoes were also a bargain. I bought them from eBay for £25, but they should have been £255.

"It's all about keeping your eye out and making sure you know what you want so you don't splurge on unnecessary things."


Chicken and gammon pasta bake

Total cost £3.33

5 portions cost 66p per portion

  • Pasta 20p
  • Jar sauce 54p
  • Gammon £1
  • Chicken £1.38
  • Mozzarella 11p
  • Greens 10p


Pulled chicken chilli

Total cost £1.34

8 portions cost 16p per portion

  • 1 chicken 24p
  • 1 onion 5p
  • Can tomatoes 25p
  • Can mixed chilli beans 30p
  • Small can sweetcorn 25p
  • 1 packet chilli con carne mix free
  • Corridor free
  • Chilli 5p
  • Rice 20p


Chicken en croute with potato gratin and green beans

Total cost £1.37

2 portions cost 69p per portion

  • Reduced price chicken en croute 85p
  • Potato gratin 28p
  • Green beans 24p

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