Thom Browne Issues Zoo's Worth of Animal-Themed Leather Bags and Goods

Thom Browne‘s signature Hector bag is set to receive a few new companions. The New York designer’s animal-centric Fall/Winter 2020 collection inspired a series of Animal Icon leather bags and goods, which run the gamut from furry toteables to patterned folios.

The crux of the Noah’s Ark-inspired range is a series of extremely limited edition bags. Each highly detailed bag takes an Italian artisan at least three days to complete, infusing each one-off style with rich personality and stunning detail. Ranging from smaller (pig, rat) to larger styles (bear, lion), none are offered in editions larger than 20 or 30.

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Accompanying the special bags is a variety of critter-themed leather goods. Wallets, folios, card cases, passport holders and charms are all on hand, realized in smart pebble leather with adorable leather appliqué in the shape of each animal. Unique Mr. Thom bags round out the wild selection, realized in matching neutral tones and lined with the same striped pattern that has long been Browne’s signature.

Each limited bag and special item is available on Thom Browne’s website and stockists like HBX also offer some of the special pieces.

Most recently, Browne introduced his charitable FC Barca Foundation capsule.
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