This Wire-Free Bra Is So Comfy, People Say They Forget They’re Wearing It

For something that’s meant to be worn daily, the truth is, a lot of bras are plain uncomfortable. Whether they cause fallen straps that won’t stay in place or poking and prodding underwire, many brastyles leave plenty to be desired.

Thankfully, there are bras out there that are so comfortable, you forget you’re wearing one at all  — you just have to know where to look. And, as usual, Amazon shoppers are pointing us in the right direction with the suggestion of the Hanes Oh So Light Comfort Wire Free Bra. “This bra is so dang comfortable,” said one shopper. “The first day I got it, I tried it on and ended up sleeping in it. I didn't even realize I had it on until the morning.” Needless to say, we’re all ears. 

Although the retailer has literally thousands of options to choose from, Hanes’ wireless style has become a clear standout by helping people end their search for the perfect bra. A best-seller in Amazon’s everyday bras category, the popular undergarment has more than 3,000 5-star ratings from shoppers who rave over how comfortable it is. 

Buy It! Hanes Oh So Light Comfort Wire Free Bra, $7.98–$21;13

“For years, I have struggled to find a decent bra,” one reviewer said. “I didn’t think one even existed that would provide proper support, coverage, and comfort—let alone the added bonus of being slightly flattering. I assumed that comfort was sacrificed for aesthetics and appeal, end of story. Well folks, I’m thrilled to tell you—I was wrong, simply looking in all the wrong places. Buying undergarments online is a bit of a gamble. You can’t touch the fabric, you can’t try it on. We all know every size chart tends to have its own curve, as well. That being said—kick your hesitation aside, and give this one a try. It is beautifully made, incredibly soft, offers proper support and even….that’s right, you guessed it! FLATTERING, too! Hallelujah, I have seen the light.” 

Since it’s made with Hanes’ signature Feather-lite fabric blend of nylon and spandex, the wireless bra has a smooth and comfortable fit. Its flexible foam cups offer shape and support, while the specially designed straps keep it from slipping down throughout the day. Shoppers who’ve given the bra a perfect rating have also mentioned how impressively undetectable it is, even when worn under T-shirts. 

While a bra may not be the most exciting purchase to make, there’s nothing that beats the simple satisfaction of one that fits perfectly. Don’t compromise on comfort — head to Amazon to grab the best-selling Hanes style thousands of shoppers are wearing on repeat. 

Buy It! Hanes Oh So Light Comfort Wire Free Bra in White, $7.98–$21;13

Buy It! Hanes Oh So Light Comfort Wire Free Bra in Denim Heather Print, $7.98–$21;13

Buy It! Hanes Oh So Light Comfort Wire Free Bra in Coolest Heather Gray, $7.98–$21;13

Buy It! Hanes Oh So Light Comfort Wire Free Bra in Black, $7.98–$21;13

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