These White Sneakers Are More Than Chic — They're Keeping Plastic Out of the Ocean

I am obsessed with a classic white sneaker. And obviously, it's not just me, but influencers, celebrities, athletes, and everyone else who has indulged in decades of snow-white sneaker love. This shoe style hasn't become any less trendy since its inception, and to be honest, it never will. Especially now that a more eco-friendly and sustainable option is available.

Loci has spun the fan-favorite tennis shoe in its own way and made it more eco-conscious. The thought of how much plastic is permeating the ocean is sickening, to put it bluntly, and even the smallest shopping decisions matter. To counteract the pollution, the brand is taking waste found in the sea (and on land) and turning it into a shoe so charming that celebrities are swapping their usual white trainers out for it. 

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Both Emmy Rossum and Nikki Reed have been spotted in the shoes — and Reed has now collaborated with the brand on a collection featuring four pastel and neutral color options. The silhouette is versatile, and they can be worked into leisurely off-duty looks (like the one Rossum wore) or dressed up with a blazer or dress for something that's office-ready. The simple, clean shades match anything, too, so it's the perfect option if you're one who's always reaching for your sneakers while also wanting to reduce your footprint — metaphorically, of course.

But how does garbage floating in the ocean get turned into a shoe? It's pretty complex. The brand explains on its site that plastic bottles and other pollutants that are gathered from the Mediterranean and Africa's Atlantic Coast are broken down into material that can be repurposed into shoes. The result? Every pair embodies 20 bottles that have been kept out of our watery ecosystems and garbage cans.

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Even though they're not outfitted with soft suede (they're vegan) or constructed with virgin plastic soles, comfort can still be expected. For instance, the insoles are fashioned out of cushy cork, and the soles are borne out of recycled rubber. The tennis shoes also feature a smooth, odor-wicking bamboo lining — all proving that recycled, sustainable materials can be just as innovative and fit for wear — and they hold up to their promises, according to buyers.

"They are the most comfortable shoe I own — walked 12 miles in them on a recent holiday one day and no blisters!" wrote one reviewer, who added they'll be getting a second pair. "After years of martial arts and hard work I really appreciate a comfortable sole in my shoe that takes the impact out and is gentler on the foot; LOCI does this," another person noted.

Shop now: $160;

White sneakers will never go out of style, and neither will saving the planet. With these shoes, it's a win-win: You don't have to give up a true closet staple or feed more plastic into the ocean. Shop all the different colors and styles from Loci and start rethinking how you can lighten your #OOTD's impact on the environment.

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