There's an embarrassing spelling mistake on this piece of home decor… can you spot it?

Because as one Twitter user recently found out, you could be missing an awkward mistake.

Kevin C. Burns – from Tampa Bay, Florida – spotted a pretty awful decor error on Friday, sharing a photo of a wall plaque on display in a US shop.

The hanging featured the words: "Familes are forever. Always in your heart. Memories to last a lifetime. Inspiration & dreams. Love & laughter. Years of joy."

And yes, we meant to write "Familes"… because that's exactly what the hanging said.

Kevin captioned the image: "What is a famile? #YouHadOneJob #WhyDoesItStillCost7Dollars."

To be honest, it's no worse than the embarrassing typo spotted in Primark a few days ago.

An eagle-eyed shopper noticed a misspelled word in one of the chain's weekly planners, with Saturday harbouring a rogue "e" between the "r" and "d".

Grace – from Bristol – tweeted: "Erm @Primark am I missing something or is this a huge typo… On every copy of this product?"

Perhaps the two retailers should share a proofreader.

Meanwhile, Pret a Manger's job advert featured a similar spelling error.

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