There are 3 things making your home look 'cheap' – including ‘humanity’s biggest crime’, interior designer reveals | The Sun

HOME is where the heart is, and it's also where the taste is.

According to an expert, there are some key areas of your house which can make your home look tacky.

Interior designer Jordan Samson shared the top three décor features which are making your home appear cheap.

"First up, is humanity's biggest crime: matching furniture sets," Jordan told his TikTok viewers.

He continued: "Curating different pieces might sound challenging, but I promise you your space will look well-thought-out and a lot more personal."

Jordan also recommended re-evaluating your kitchen cabinets when it comes to classing up your home.

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"Secondly, upper kitchen cabinets with that awkward space between the ceiling. By closing this gap with a soffit or molding your kitchen will look super custom and boujie," he explained.

"If not, at least try fill it with some finds and books," the TikToker added.

For his final tip, Jordan advised his followers to put some thought into their curtain placement.

"Curtains should be hung wide and high to give a [luxurious] look that makes your space feel larger, and they should be at least touching the ground," he said.

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Jordan's followers took to the Instagram comments section to share their thoughts on his home interior tips.

"Totally agree with curtains. Curtains to the floor is the way to go. Real estate agent of 22 years, speaking from experience," wrote one viewer.

Another user said: "There's nothing worse than matching furniture. Friend of mine matched living room, dining room, and the kitchen."

"All matching furniture makes me think they have good money but no taste," wrote a third user.

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