The supermarket swaps that will save YOU a fortune on your weekly shop – and why you should never buy sliced cheese

WE'RE always looking for ways to save on our supermarket shop, and luckily, experts have let us in on some savvy swaps that could do just that.

Australian foodies Gut Started, a nutrition- based Instagram page,revealed how swapping fresh for frozen could save you a fortune, as well as how to save on dairy items.

Writing on their page alongside a clip, they wrote: "We compared the price of two of the same foods, just in different forms, at the grocery store to see how much money you could save by making a simple swap."

While the price comparisons are made using Australian products and prices, similar comparisons can be made in UK supermarkets – or anywhere for that matter.

Firstly, the foodies recommend ditching sliced cheese packs in favour of a block.

While it might be more convenient and will save you some time at home, you're certainly paying more for it.

The same can be said for yoghurt, with individual tubs costing far more per 100 grams than a large tub.

While single serve pots are certainly easier at times, they are also racking up your food bill.

Another thing you should consider is swapping fresh for frozen, particularly with seafoods and fruits such as blueberries.

The experts said the price difference between fresh and frozen blueberries was "the biggest shocker", as a fresh punnet was significantly higher per kilo.

Of course, it's not often you buy in such large quantities, but if you work it out per 100 grams, a you are always better off with a bag of frozen berries.

The good news is that frozen fruit and veg is just as nutritious and tastyas the fresh version, and in most cases it's been "snap frozen" to retain the nutrients. 

Similarly, frozen fish fillets, such as salmon, and even prawns will always be much, much cheaper.

You can always store them for longer in the freezer for when you're ready to use them as, making the frozen option far more convenient.

While fresh seafood is always tempting, we don't always have the extra cash to be able to treat ourselves, so take the cheaper alternative instead.

Other swaps include bags of pre-packaged spinach or salad mixes which are far pricier than the loose-leaf option.

This way you can weigh the exact amount you want to to ensure no waste.

Finally, while it's not always guaranteed, it's worth comparing prices for canned beans versus a bag or dried, as well as any herbs you might be buying.

During this particular shop in Australia, the Gut Started team found that a can of chickpeas saved them loads of money compared to a bag of dried chickpeas, but this isn't always the case.

Same goes for spices, particularly dried basil, which regularly varies in price.

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