The Rupaul's Drag Race All Stars 4 Queens Share Their Best Beauty Tips & Tricks

Farrah, who took highlighter to the next level on season 9, is still all about glowing looks. “I think that matte faces just need to go — [use] more highlighter!” she says, adding, “If you’re a beginner with makeup, don’t be too hard on yourself. It is very hard, and, like, there’s still not a day that goes by when I get ready and I [don’t] get very nervous doing my liquid liner. Practice makes perfect, and we all started somewhere. Just have fun with it. Makeup is supposed to be fun.”

Want Naomi’s gorgeous pout? “Always wipe your lips before you put on lipstick with, like, a Neutrogena makeup wipe. It will just make everything pop — and lips are important!” she says. 

“Don’t be afraid to try new things, and watch tutorials on YouTube,” says Trinity. “And then I love some highlight, look at Farrah [Moan]. If she can do it, anybody can.”

“My No. 1 beauty tip is skincare. I love La Mer, I love Tatcha. Invest, invest, invest in your skincare and I promise you, even a f—ing bearded man like Trinity ‘The Tuck’ Taylor can look like a beauty,” the season 6 favorite joked.

“Everyone always talks about skincare, and it is very important to have a very clean surface and a healthy surface,” the legendary season 4 and All-Stars 1 veteran said. “Do what you need to do to be moisturized and not be extra oily.”

Valentina is not supporting your foray into unnatural lip color. “Don’t wear blue lipstick, that’s really tacky,” she told PEOPLE. The queen, who is set to star in Fox’s upcoming live production of Rent, also urged fans to slow down their makeup routines: “Take your f—ing time. Just take your time and enjoy the process.”

According to the season 7 meme queen, luxury makeup really is worth the extra cash. “I always tell beginners, ‘Make sure you get something that is really going to cover you up.’ Even myself, when we first start we go to get something really cheap, but just spend your money on getting something that’s really going to cover your face,” she said. 

“If you find yourself going to the Target or Walmart, you do not need a pound of highlighter on your face, girl,” season 10’s Miss Congeniality winner said. “I know that might make you feel good, but it makes me uncomfortable.”

Manila is sounding the alarm on a disturbing movement in the drag community. “This is a trend that needs to go away, it’s happening a lot in the drag community. It is drag queens looking prettier and younger than me. It’s got to stop. I need it to stop immediately,” she joked. 

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