The 'real joy' of looking after little ones revealed in very relatable parenting pictures

Over on Bored Panda, mums and dads have been posting photos of their biggest parenting fails – and every family can relate to them.

In one image, we see a mum who decided to carry her little one on her shoulders… only to end up with toddler sick all over her head.

And we can't stop laughing at the parent who put a decibel metre next to their crying baby (spoiler – it was loud), and the youngster who slathered her face in nappy cream.

We definitely wouldn't want to be the person who opened up their laptop to find it covered in crayon scribbles.

Below are a few more of the funniest parenting fails. If you've got children, you'll definitely relate.

State of the art

For crying out loud

That's sick

A loo-sing battle

Hide and shriek

Army strife

Chocolate shocks

Just won't bite

Cheese no

All fun and games

Clamping down

Peely annoying

Wash a mess

Off on the wrong foot

Corn you believe it?

Toe-tally annoying

Stop crying your heart out


Wheely bad

In for a shop

Not working out

Remote control

A load of crepe

Checked out

Looking a picture

A hot mess

Bad egg

Keep calm and car-ry on

Skirting the issue

Acting cagey


Tech a break

May the draws be with you

Pizza the action

Horsing around

In mum's bad books

Heightened fear

Fight night

Why though?

No shred of hope

Bad taste in his mouth

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