The Powerpuff Girls' Yana Perrault Embodies Buttercup's Style Perfectly IRL

Styling a Denim on Denim Look Like a Total Boss

ICYMI: The CW is turning the Cartoon Network classic The Powerpuff Girls into a live-action series follow the sisters as adults who resent having lost their childhood to crimefighting and now face the challenge of reuniting when that the world needs them more than ever. Of course, we were curious to see who would be playing the lead roles and see if their personal styles match the iconic sisters, and Yana Perrault’s personal style stood out to us instantly.

Yana, who plays Buttercup in the upcoming series, is serving up major looks on her Instagram account. From what we can see, her personal style seems to fit her character pretty spot on if Buttercup was a real person in 2021. Think of beaten-up leather jackets, cozy beanies, and colorful sweatsuits. Read on to see some of our favorite style moments Yana has given us so far. If this is any indication of what outfit she’s wear on the show, we can’t wait to see more.

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