The lazy things you do daily which are making your life harder… and why fabric softener ISN'T always a good idea

WE can often be our own worst enemies.

Sometimes we do things we don’t even realise we’re doing and they’re actually making our lives harder.

We’ve rounded up the things you do everyday which could actually be making your life harder.


Nobody wants their gym clothes to be uncomfortable, so it might seem like a good idea to use fabric softener when washing them.

That’s a mistake as fabric softener locks in odours.

Deyan Dimitrov, cleaning expert and CEO of Laundryheap, said we should try to avoid using fabric softeners in your gym wear wash.

He said: “Fabric softeners can trap any existing odours within your sports kit’s material and reduce its effectiveness in absorbing excess moisture from your body.

“To avoid damaging your sportswear, it’s best to wash this clothing as soon as possible after wearing it in order to prevent any bacteria and unwanted odours.

“Make sure to also use non-biological powders on these fabrics, as biological cleaning agents can leave behind a residue on your clothing that can affect their durability.”


Another thing that people do is put furniture in front of their radiators.

Whether this is saving space or for aesthetic reasons, it’s making life harder – as your house won’t warm up easily.

Chris Harvey, Central Heating Expert at Stelrad explained that radiators aren’t always the most visually appealing item, however, people shouldn’t hide them.

He explained: “By hiding radiators with furniture, you’re actually making them considerably less efficient and cost-effective. If furniture is placed directly in front of them it will prevent the warm air from circulating, sofas can be the worst culprits.

“Yes it might make you feel toasty sitting directly in front of it, but you're wasting money and leaving the rest of the room chilly.”


Something that most avoid doing – is not shaving regularly.

Ravi Davda, CEO of Rockstar Marketing, admitted this makes his life harder.

Ravi said: “Sometimes, when work gets busy, I don't trim my beard. I think the extra 5 or 10 minutes it takes to do this will help me become less busy. It doesn't.

“My beard grows pretty fast and after a week or two, it gets irritating and itchy. It looks scruffy.

“When I eventually go to trim it, it hurts. A lot. At the time, I think it's making my life easier, but it's not. It's actually making it harder."


A thing that most parents do, is use fabric softener when cleaning their kids’ clothes.

But this could actually be making life harder.

Cleaning expert Deyan explained that using fabric softener can irritate a baby's sensitive skin and drastically reduce the flame resistance of children’s clothing.

Fabric softener can reduce the flame resistance of textiles due to the build-up of chemicals, as the products themselves contain emulsifiers and alcohol ethoxylates – both are flammable.


He advised: “Avoid using fabric softener on your baby and children’s clothing/sleepwear, or fabrics like velour, chenille, terry cloth, fleece, or garments that are labelled flame resistant.”


Some people like to get experimental with their cleaning products at home.

But this could make your life harder as it is actually quite dangerous.

CEO of Laundryheap Deyan said: “Certain combinations can create toxic fumes, which can be harmful on skin or if inhaled.

“It's a common misconception that mixing multiple products increases the efficacy, when in actual fact it can be down right dangerous.

“If the stain or fabric damage is so bad you're considering mixing chemicals, I strongly suggest leaving it to the professionals!”


Overfilling the washing machine is something we’re all guilty of doing.

But this can create little holes in your clothing, as friction can make zips and buttons catch on other items.

Turning clothes inside out before washing them ensures the outer layer isn’t being rubbed against by other items in the washing machine.

Deyan said: “Better yet, opt for a netted laundry bag to keep your activewear away from the rest of your laundry in the machine.

“As a general rule of thumb, washing clothes inside out can drastically increase the shelf life of your wardrobe, so it’d be wise to practice this step when washing any load.”


Many people sprinkle laundry detergent powder onto carpets to make them look and smell fresh – however, this is also making your life and cleaning chores harder.

The powder is small and thin, it can be tricky to remove; hoovers won’t be able to suck it out!

Deyan said: “It can make your carpets sticky and irritate any bare, sensitive skin that it comes into contact with, so make sure to avoid this hack if you have any small children or pets.”


Cleaning expert Deyan explained that pets can be hypersensitive to the strong smells from cleaning products, causing irritation and sometimes breathing difficulties.

So you might actually be making your life harder if you’re using these cleaning products.

If you have pets, you should refrain from products containing ammonia, bleach, air fresheners containing phthalates and disinfectants containing benzalkonium chloride.


An expert dentist said people make life hard for themselves by rinsing their mouths with water straight after brushing with toothpaste.

Dental Care Practitioner Ana Sakinyte, or Queen of Youth, says this can reverse 40% of the work you’ve just done brushing your teeth.

She said: “The fluoride takes around 40 minutes to be fully absorbed, so rinsing with water removes this straight after brushing. If we leave it our teeth continue to absorb the fluoride.

“Most also don’t brush their teeth long enough! In the UK on average people brush their teeth only for 45 seconds! As dentists we recommend brushing for 2 minutes at least.”

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