The 6 items fashion influencers would never been seen dead in because they make you look and smell cheap | The Sun

A FASHION whizz has shared some of the trends influencers would never wear and you shouldn't either.

According to Courtney Bee, they make you look really cheap, even if you've spent hundreds on your look.

Too much skin

As far as Courtney is concerned, showing too much leg or chest is instantly going to make you look cheap.

"I'm not saying you cant show any skin, but if you are, do it right ladies," the fashion whizz said.

"The rule I like to keep in mind is the rule of less or more. If you're covering less of your top, you should cover more of your bottom and vice versa."

Courtney admitted she's done this in the past, but her outfits ended up making her look way too tacky, and like an "aspiring Instagram model" rather than classy.


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Too many logos

There's no point forking out hundreds, if not thousands, on designer gear if it's only going to make you look cheaper than your Primark leggings would.

Even with non designer brands logo should be kept to a minimum for a more timeless look.

"It's not the item that makes you look expensive or elevated, it's how you put those things together," Courtney said.

Overly sweet perfume

According, to Courtney dousing yourself in overly sweet perfume will make you appear really cheap, and even juvenile.

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You could be wearing a designer fragrance that set you back hundreds, but still smell tacky if you pick the wrong one.

Some sweet perfumes are ok, Courtney noted, but even classic scents like vanilla can be overdone and come across as synthetic.

"I don't want my scent to scream baby girl. I want to be a big girl," the fashion whizz slammed.

Wearing loads of bling

"If you are wearing every piece of chunky jewellery you own, you are going to look cheap," she said.

Instead, stick to a couple of key pieces for a more elegant look – too many layers can make you look like you're trying too hard to get attention, Courtney said.

You don't have to only wear studs and a thin chain, but there's a balance to get right.

Obvious plastic surgery

Although there's nothing wrong with wanting to look your best and using plastic surgery to do that, Courtney said knowing when to call it a day is the difference between elevating your look and changing for the worse.

"Don't get too much, that's your problem. Don't overdo stuff," she said.

Too many statement pieces

Courtney's final tip is to not do too much in one go – that means don't wear a statement top with statement shoes, jewellery or an attention-grabbing hair style.

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"To me, that's what makes you look cheap.

"Now, are these outfits ugly? No, they look cute, they're fashionable, but just because they look fashionable doesn't mean they don't look cheap."

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