Tess Holliday Poses Makeup-Free and Completely Nude for Bold New Art Exhibit

Stars are stripping down for a powerful new exhibit debuting in L.A. on Feb. 16.

Award-winning beauty and celebrity portraitist Scott Nathan recruited more than 100 diverse women ages 11 to 90 from all walks of life — they are musicians, mothers, journalists, CEOs, athletes, directors, actresses and more — to sit alone under austere lighting, staring into the lens for one uninterrupted and wordless 10 minute take without any makeup for the exhibit, “CONFESSIONAL.”

While many of the subjects are average women, some are more recognizable faces. Body positive model Tess Holliday, 33, posed completely nude and without an ounce of makeup for her portrait, while actress Mary Jo Deschanel, 73, (mom to actresses Zooey and Emily Deschanel) appears to be sitting topless and barefaced for her clip.

According to a press release on Nathan’s exhibit, “CONFESSIONAL strips away the false notion of beauty in the digital age with ultra-high definition intimacy.”

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“Nathan invites us to join him on his artistic quest to deconstruct commercial photography and share an intensely personal moment with his subjects, set to Miles Davis’ 1958 “Ascenseur pour l’échafaud”, a forlorn improvisational piece he found in his parents vinyl collection as child,” the release added. 

The CONFESSIONAL exhibit with Nathan’s collection of moving portraits, shot on RED Digital Cinema cameras, debuts Feb. 16 and 17 at RED Studios in Hollywood for public viewing. 

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