Teen mum shares snap of her flat stomach when she was nine-months pregnant thanks to cryptic pregnancy

A TEENAGER has shared snaps of her flat stomach while nine-months-pregnant – and she had no idea she was about to become a mum. 

Jemma, 19, thought she had appendicitis after spending the night awake with excruciating pain across her lower back and stomach. 

The teen had spent the night before giving birth drinking with her boyfriend, Charlie, and their house bubble, but she went to bed initially thinking she had period pains. 

After pacing the room all night Charlie called an ambulance, and Jemma was rushed to the local surgery, and then hospital – where she was told she was in labour. 

Jemma was in shock as she had a flat stomach and had taken two pregnancy tests over the last few months – which were both negative. 

Looking back, she switched from the pill to the injection, and reckons she fell pregnant in the week gap in the middle.

The teen says she had a ‘cryptic pregnancy’, which meant she had no symptoms and didn’t develop a bump – despite carrying him to full-term. 

Jemma continued getting periods, but she put their erratic nature down to her contraception, saying she had 'no morning sickness and didn't feel any different'.

She said: “I did not know I was pregnant until I went into labour.”

Jemma’s shared her story on TikTok and YouTube, with her little boy, Logan, born on May 18 last year.

The new mum recalled the night she went into labour, saying: “Every time I stood up I got a pain across my lower back.

“I found myself walking backwards and forwards in this tiny room. 

What is a cryptic pregnancy?

According to Whattoexpect: "A cryptic pregnancy — also known as a “stealth pregnancy” or a “denied pregnancy” — is when a woman is pregnant but doesn’t know it (or denies it) up until labor begins.

It sounds implausible, but cryptic pregnancies happen more often than you’d think, occurring in about 1 in every 475 pregnancies.

Women with cryptic pregnancies often don’t have the typical pregnancy symptoms that most moms-to-be have. And if they do have them, they don't realize what they are.

Women who have cryptic pregnancies frequently don’t have or don’t notice morning sickness, they don’t have or don’t notice abdominal swelling, they either don’t gain weight or don’t register their weight gain as anything out of the ordinary.

They also don’t find the absence of their periods odd, perhaps because they normally have irregular periods or because they've taken birth control pills or shots that have made their periods sporadic or non-existent.

And they don’t notice fetal movement — or if they do, they chalk it up to gas or general stomach upset.

“We called 111 who thought my appendix had burst.”

They headed out the door to the hospital with just a toothbrush – and absolutely nothing for a baby. 

After getting over the shock of being told she was about to become a mum, Jemma was told she was already nine centimetres dilated – meaning there was no time for an epidural. 

Jemma said: "We obviously didn’t know what gender he was, we knew nothing. 

“All I knew at that point is I want him to be safe, to be healthy. I hadn’t changed my lifestyle, I hadn’t changed anything."

“The second they told us he was healthy was the best moment of my life.”

She was in labour for two hours before Logan was born, and Charlie had to message Jemma’s family to tell them about the latest addition to the family – although no one believed him. 

The pair were over the moon when they were told their son was healthy, and they set about giving him a name while getting to grips with becoming parents overnight.

"Well fell in love with him the second we saw him", she gushed.

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Jemma says her mum frantically hit the shops trying to get all the essentials for a baby on short notice. 

Logan, now nearly a year old, is a happy, bouncing baby boy, and despite his shock entrance, Jemma gushed over her son, saying he's 'always happy'.

"He’s my life and soul now," Jemma added.

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