Talking about Game Of Thrones’ Red Wedding on your dating profile can boost your response rate by 376 per cent

ANY Game of Thrones-obsessed singletons are probably looking for that special someone to curl up on the sofa and binge watch all eight seasons with.

So if you're cruising apps looking for your own king or queen, turns out dropping some GOT references will boost your chances.

Fresh stats from dating app Zoosk, in partnership with Mashable, analysed a whopping 375,454 messages between matches.

And it's good news for fans of the fantasy franchise, as mentioning your favourite characters, episodes or phrases can see your response rate soar.

Results showed simply mentioning Jon Snow saw people receive 43 per cent more interest.

Chatting about the Red Wedding (not your own) will see your response rate increase by a staggering 376 per cent.

And any hopefuls who referenced Tyrion Lannister, played by Peter Dinklage, in a message were more likely to receive a reply by 165 per cent.

While singletons who mentioned Hodor saw a 120 per cent boost in replies.

If it's catchphrases you're after, 'winter is coming' is a winner, with anyone who threw that into a conversation seeing a 79 per cent increase in replies.

But steer clear of the predictable 'Game of Thrones', as anyone who referenced the title only saw a 19 per cent boost in interest.

And as characters go, Cersei is not your friend, as bringing up the brutal Queen of the Seven Kingdoms only garnered a 14 per cent increase in messages.

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