Sulvam Men’s Fall 2021

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Teppei Fujita wants to make clothes for the new world order. Expanding his techniques thanks to new fabric developments and punctuating his stark black color palette with white, silver and pops of red, he offset familiar tailored shapes and fluid knit dresses with futuristic androgynous designs.

His models paraded through a cavernous gray and white space, evoking a sense of desolation while serving to highlight the clothes well – something not all designers are succeeding with in the video form.

His cocoon-like quilted coats had interesting proportions and piping details that formed rounded shapes, reprised elsewhere on a tracksuit and a dress that showed the torso through a series of giant holes.

Sulvam Men's Fall 2021

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Chainmail knits and the chain motif of a zipped fleece jacket and matching pants nodded to comfort while evoking a world constrained, very apt in the current context.

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