Steve Madden Is Trying to Make Its ‘90s Platform Flip Flops Happen Again

The ’90s were a great time in fashion. So great, in fact, that we can’t stop, won’t stop reviving trends from the decade over and over again. From mom jeans to tiny sunglasses and bucket hats, we’ve seen the return of many of the era’s key pieces over the last few years. The latest (and perhaps most polarizing yet) comes from Steve Madden, who’s bringing back two of its iconic ’90s platform sandals for Summer 2019.

They’re the shoes you spent a large chunk of the ’90s teetering through the mall or school hallways in (worn with a pair of capri pants, obviously). The shoes that made aggressively loud flopping noises as you stomped around in all your teenage angst glory. And now, they’re back for Summer 2019 in a new collaboration with Steve Madden and Urban Outfitters (though they may not have the same effect when worn to Hudson Yards).

Flip flops are a polarizing enough shoe trend on their own. But platform flip flops? Our country can’t possibly take any more division. My ankles and soul feel triggered. And yet, you can bet a batch of influencers and street style stars will somehow make me nostalgic enough to want a pair this summer.

But if you’re really Team Anti Flip Flop, Steve Madden also revived its iconic Slinky platform sandals for the collaboration. Offered up in neon pink, lime green, and black, the retro sandal is back once again—though this time you sadly can’t wear them to Delia’s.

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