Snotty nails are the gross new manicure trend… and people 'can't cope' with how 'disgusting' they are

And while we'd prefer to just swaddle ourselves into a bundle of blankets until our flu-symptoms pass, one salon has taken nail art inspiration from the common cold.

From the salon who gave us dead insect nail art and mouldy fingernails, there now comes a new design that's even more horrifying than the rest.

Introducing the disgusting "Snotty Nose Manicure".

Yes the Russian salon Nail Sunny has really outdone themselves this time with a manicure that actually DRIPS snot… so don't forget to pack your tissues.

Providing their two million followers with a bizarre step-by-step tutorial, the nail artists start off by painting just a simple nude coloured base colour on the nail. So far, so normal.

Trimming down a piece of rubber, the artist sculpts the nose to perfection using a handy nail file.

They then paint over the nose with a scattering of blackheads and spots to give it a realistic touch… as if the snot wasn't enough.

And just to make matters weirder, the brains behind the bizarre creation finish it off by injecting the nail nose with green slimy snot.

In other words, this is a form of nail art you're probably not going to able to do this at home… not that you'd want to.

Unsurprisingly, the horrifying snotty nail nose has divided Nail Sunny's enormous online following.

One user joked: "I love it when I'm eating my food and then snot falls into it, lovely."

Another added: "What the hell is this? I can't cope."

Horrified by the snotty nose creation, one disgruntled user wrote: "I swear I'm going to puke."

An outspoken critic added: "I used to like your videos but now they're disgusting…"

But not everyone was so critical of the, erm, imaginative design.

One admirer was full of praise for the creative design and wrote: "I'm personally amazed of how you could achieve those nails and it just showed how creative Nail Sunny is."

And while it may not have been up their street, another added: "I’m not sure what the fascination is with bodily functions as of late, but you have amazing talent!"

Anyone planning on trying out this look for fright night? Asking for a friend…

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