Skin positive blogger Em Ford aims to ‘redefine pretty’ with a powerful new video which tests how brains react to acne, scarring and birthmarks

Forget about filters and airbrushing, this is a movement spearheaded by beauty blogger Em Ford, which not only accepts a person’s imperfections – but celebrates them.

And now, the viral blogger is back.

This time she has teamed up with the YouTube Creators for Change campaign and has produced and directed a video which looks at the psychological effects of dealing with a skin condition and people's perception of it.

Based on emails and comments she’s received in the past, Em is once again out to prove that seeing photos of women without make-up, or embracing their skin conditions, made others feel better about themselves.

As well as working with YouTube, Em also teamed up with Vincent Walsh, a Professor of Human Brain Research at University College London, to prove that the ‘beauty standards’ portrayed by the beauty industry are having a damaging impact on mental health and the way we feel about ourselves.

The video features a group of women suffering from conditions like acne, vitiligo, psoriasis, birthmarks and scarring.

The women were asked to look at images of retouched models, models wearing make up and models with bare faces whilst their brain activity was monitored.

Shockingly, they all had a negative emotional reaction – similar to those associated with PTSD- when presented with images of women with ‘perfect’ (retouched) skin.

This scientifically proves these images make us feel worse about ourselves.

Em then asked the 20 women who took part, who she now calls her ‘sisters’, how they would redefine pretty – all respondents said it shouldn’t just rest on what we look like.

Published on her YouTube channel ‘My Pale Skin’ the video has received over 50,000 views and there are already almost 300 posts under #redefinepretty.

Social media users were quick to support Em, with one Twitter user saying, "I am confident Em Ford is about to start a revolution and it’s about damn time someone did.

"Your skin & the way you look is not the problem – the beauty industry and how they depict what is conventionally 'pretty' is the problem."

Another on Instagram commented, "This YouTube vid really touched me…I cried because I felt everyone’s pain…and I cried because I felt uplifted by the wonderfully powerful message you conveyed. Thank you thank you thank you for sharing your positivity with the world! Light & Love."

In 2015 she filmed ‘You Look Disgusting’ – which has received over 29 million views – highlighting the messages she receives on social media for posting make up free images and kick starting the #skinpositivity movement.

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