Single mum reveals her ‘grab-n-go’ method for her kid’s lunchboxes as her house is tight on space – and parents love it

A SAVVY mum has shared her time-saving tip for packing lunch boxes each morning by creating a ‘grab-n-go’ station, and she’s been hailed as a genius. 

The mum needed a storage solution as she’s short of cupboard space in her kitchen, so she decided to create a snack stop in her dining room. 

The single mum re-purposed a storage container and filled it with lunch box treats which wouldn’t fit in her kitchen – assuring fellow parents she also packs some healthy food. 

The mum, who has an eight-year-old son, says the ‘grab-n-go’ method works perfectly for them, as she shared a snap of her treat station. 

Posting to Facebook group, Community, she said: “Some people probably saw the perfect addition to their kids room. 

“Not me, I saw the perfect solution for my kids school snacks. 

You have to be creative when you have a small house

“I’m a single mom and the grab-n-go method is the best for us. 

“Don’t worry, there’s plenty of fruits, veggies and yogurt in the fridge. My house is small and I am very limited with cabinet space. 

“Everything fits perfect and It looks way better than I thought it would, it fits nearly perfect along this small wall in my dining room.

“You have to be creative when you have a small house.”

Her brilliant idea has racked up a whopping 42,000 likes, as fellow mums praised her lunch box hack, although some admitted the treats wouldn’t last long in their house. 

One mum said: “I love this idea but my kids would just sneak all the food in a day."

Agreeing, this mum added: “My kid would eat everything in one day.”

A third raved: “Dang I absolutely never would've thought of that but it's a fantastic idea and space saver to be organized!”

Another wrote: “I think this is FANTASTIC!!! Good thinking momma!!!”

While this parent commented: “That is such an awesome idea!!!”

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