Shoppers saying MySweetSmile’s teeth whitening powder gives ‘absolutely amazing results’

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If you’re looking to have brighter, whiter teeth, this teeth whitening powder is a product created to be easy to use, safe and effective, without harmful ingredients that can negatively affect teeth.

MySweetSmile Teeth Whitening Powder

The teeth whitening powder is designed to whiten and brighten your smile, using safe and effective ingredients.

MySweetSmile designed its teeth whitening powder with health in mind and unlike other brands, it’s not abrasive and is peroxide-free, avoiding sensitivity and gum irritation which can be associated with similar products.

MySweetSmile aims to remove stains that build up on your teeth from everyday life using the teeth whitening powder.

The flavour of the product is minty-fresh, and unlike charcoal teeth whiteners, the neutral colour of the powder makes minimal mess when being used.

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