Sexpert hits back at couples who stay together for the kids & claims their 'miserable relationship is their fault'

THERE'S never a nice way to end a relationship – but then there are kids involved, it can feel downright impossible.

That said, sex and relationship expert Nadia Bokody has hit back at couples who stay together for the sake of their children – and said they're to blame for their own "misery".

In a personal essay for News.Au, the divorcee says couples shouldn't accept "relationship dissatisfaction" just because it's so ingrained in society.

She wrote: "We refer to our spouses as 'ball and chains', to marriage as the 'end of the game' and describe our consequential unhappiness as 'the end of the honeymoon period' and the beginning of the 'seven-year itch'."

Arguing that children are "surprisingly resilient", Nadia urged parents who feel "stuck" in unhappy relationships to prioritise their own happiness.

She added: "What [children] won’t soon recover from is growing up in an environment with a relationship model that prioritises commitment over happiness, and learned helplessness over accountability."

"It’s arguably more comfortable to take on the role of the victim and complain about how s****y our relationship is and how “stuck” we are, in the same way we moan about the environment, the government and our crappy jobs without taking proactive steps toward impacting change," she continued.

What's more, Nadia argues we often celebrate how long a couple have been together rather than how happy they actually are.

Referencing a controversial 1960s study where dogs were conditioned to expect small electric shocks when hearing a bell ring, Nadia then applied the theory of "learned helplessness" to couples in unhappy relationships.

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