Sex expert says a cushion could be a ‘game-changer’ to having better orgasms

WOMEN, listen up, because we might have just found the answer to all of your bedroom woes which will guarantee an epic orgasm every single time.

The secret you ask? Well, according to an expert introducing a pillow or a cushion into the mix could very well cause for deeper penetration and a some serious blended orgasms.

Nadia Bokody, 36, is a self-professed sex-positive journalist who recently revealed the sex hack in a clip on her Youtube channel.

In the video, titled “This Sex Hack Will Change Your Life”, the Aussie revealed how people can take their orgasms to the next level and guarantee mind-blowing sex every time.

She said: “I discovered something that seems too good to be true but it’s real and I’m talking about sex pillows.

“Sex cushions are expensive and you’re looking at hundreds of dollars, but what’s different about them is something I’ve recently discovered.

“When you use a regular cushion what you’re doing is elevating your bum for penetration which we know hits the G-spot.

“I’ve been doing it for years but when I swapped cushions it’s hugely different, the sex cushion moves a different angle.

Andexplained: “So when he is on top of you, your G-spot is going to be hit each and every time, when I switched cushions, let’s just say I’m not using regular cushions anymore.”

Nadia admitted that she wouldn’t usually purchase something seen as a gimmick – like many of us – but she said that her sex life changed dramatically when she invested in a sex pillow.

The use of the pillow allows for different angles which you wouldn't normally be able to archive with some of the most common, and ordinary, sex position.

Nadia says that angles do matter when it comes to having mind-blowing sex, adding "your go-to sex positions like missionary and all don’t really hit the spot all the time.

She said: “By getting your body at that angle and your G-spot and clitoris is stimulated then you will have a blended orgasm.

“It is going to help spice up your sex life, that’s if things have become bland, but once you have this powerful orgasm you’re going to be hungry for more.

“Think about changing your sex game by adding a cushion. And there’s so many positions you can use it with.”

Despite Nadia's "game'changing" discovery, you really don't have to spend a fortune on specific pillows.

Like Nadia, you can make do with an ordinary pillow but the firmer the better to ensure it supports you and elevates your body.

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