Sex and the City stars' transformation: see the ladies when they appeared in the first episode vs now

PRAISE New York City because Sex and the City's reboot is finally here – and fans couldn't be more excited.

This time, And Just Like That follows the lives of Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda in their 50s.

Of course, sitting down to watch the new season reminds them of the good old times when Sex and the City first premiered in 1998.

Looking back, the trio of friends has changed their style and life paths while remaining true to themselves.

Here's a look back at the cast of Sex of the City when they first appeared on TV's vs now:


When fans first met Carrie, her blonde curly hair stood out.

She also sported minimal makeup and rosy cheeks that blushed even more when she was around Mr. Big.

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She also loved wearing skin-tight clothing that showed off her slender figure and great physique.

In her 50s, Carrie's style has become a little more conservative but not any less colorful.

She's also changed her tight curls for blow-outs and sports a full face of makeup.


The resident redhead, Miranda has barely aged.

Before, she was a fan of two-piece suits perfect for the office, as well as a more sporty look when running errands.

Above all, she always kept her red hair short – it never went past her ears.

These days, the lawyer has added a tinge of blonde to her locks and keeps it sleek.

She hasn't left her matching two-piece, but rather evolved them to be more modern.


Charlotte York was the brunette of the group, who came from old money and lived in the Upper East Side.

Not much has changed for her – except that she was able to make her lifelong dream of getting married and having kids come true.

Her style did change slightly as she moved on from revealing yet elegant dresses to more floral and colorful options.


Unfortunately for fans, Samantha is no longer part of the trio so we don't really know how her character evolved as she hits 60.

However, she must still be fabulously single and enjoying the company of men.

We are also positive that she has not let herself age as she feared it during the earlier seasons.


John, who was Carrie's main love interest, has not changed much either.

When fans first met him, he sported jet black hair and a fresh face – but these days, he's traded it in for salt and pepper locks and even a beard.

And yes, he's still as rich as he was at the beginning of the show.


Carrie's best friend, Standford Blatch, really made an impression on fans.

His colorful wardrobe matched Carrie's most of the time – and even his drama was just as bad.

Standford, like Carrie, was also able to find happy ever after as he married longtime enemy Anthony.

Fans will be glad to know that he is still as fabulous as before.


Lovable Steve was Miranda's Knight in Shining Armor and it's safe to say that the man has barely changed since we first met him.

His raspy voice keeps captivating fans and his scruffy beard has only gone from brunette to salt and pepper.


Like he did with Charlotte, Harry swept fans off their feet when he was introduced in later seasons of the show.

Like the rest of the men, Harry has barely changed – aging like fine wine.

He still sports his iconic bald head and dark suits that complement Charlotte's classic style.

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