Ser.O.Ya Launches Gender Neutral Fashions Committed to Catalyzing Social Change

Ser.O.Ya, a contemporary fashion label with a commitment to catalyzing social change through philanthropic partnerships, is today launching exclusively on FWRD. The emerging brand, founded by Ohad Seroya, offers predominantly gender-neutral garments in unisex, feminine and masculine designs, featured on the collection’s campaign face: model and activist Teddy Quinlivan.

Last March, Seroya and his husband Aviad Klin (who are also the cofounders and creative directors of the women’s label Retrofête and managers of the multilabel Mint Showroom) were quarantining in Miami when the idea of a new contemporary, gender-neutral label with a social conscience and feel-good mentality sprang to Seroya’s mind. 

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From the start, a focus on philanthropic partnerships was key. With each collection — which will drop three times a year — the brand will give back to a specific global charity, not only donating charitable contributions from sales, but also partnering with each cause and community to provide mentorship and seminars, special projects and more from his team. For the brand’s debut collection, “Drop One: Meet Me at Spring,” Ser.O.Ya has partnered with Trans Can Work, the Los Angeles-based nonprofit organization dedicated to transgender rights, specifically connecting gender nonconforming and transgender individuals to employment opportunities in America. Following today’s launch, the brand will be rolling out an Instagram series dedicated to amplifying the voices of Trans Can Work members. Immersing the Ser.O.Ya team within each season’s partnership and giving back was noted of utmost importance to Seroya.

Teddy Quinlivan for Ser.O.Ya Courtesy photo

“I decided to open a brand that’s not only about creating beautiful clothes, but will give a lesson to my life and to others around me and teach us lessons on how we can change the world,” he expressed. 

A commitment to sustainability, through responsible production, consumption (dropping three collections a year as opposed to the traditional fashion calendar model) and materials, was also noted. Biodegradable packaging, repurposed fabric scrap tags, screen printed care instructions, labels and descriptions on the garments and recyclable poly bags are all included within the first drop; 100 percent organic cotton denim will launch within the second drop.

Teddy Quinlivan for Ser.O.Ya Courtesy photo

Drop One: Meet Me at Spring offers a range of feminine, masculine and unisex designs from $75 to $515, sized XXS to XXL within each style. Feminine styles range from body hugging dresses and T-shirts with removable shoulder pads to reworked white shirting and a classic blazer with logoed pull ties; masculine styles include a terry black and white polo (also offered in a tank top), a cargo romper, casual shorts, T-shirts and more. The brand’s unisex labeled designs make up most of the collection, spanning from distressed denim (shorts and pants) and relaxed lounge sets to slouchy cotton knits (a green maxi cardigan with raw hems), utilitarian garb and hats and “lifestyle basics.” 

“Clothes should be for everyone,” Seroya expressed, “One of the signatures of the brand is ‘Do You. Wear You.’” 

Teddy Quinlivan for Ser.O.Ya Courtesy photo

As seen on Quinlivan, the gender neutral designs — whether sitting under the brand’s masculine, feminine or unisex tags — promote personal style and comfort for everyone. Positivity and the brand’s commitment to its charitable partnerships can also be seen directly on garments through the brand’s logo, a play on the smiley face, as well as barcode graphics, which display the brand’s charitable donations when scanned. 

While mostly feminine and unisex styles are launching exclusively with FWRD today, the rest of the line will officially launch with the brand’s upcoming e-commerce platform, as well as with other retail partners, in early 2021.

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