Selena Gomez Reveals She Gets 'Really Insecure Sometimes' as She Launches Powerful Puma Collection

Selena Gomez is dusting off her design skills once again — this time for an empowering new activewear line with Puma.

The 26-year-old singer teamed up with the athletic brand for a new capsule collection called “Strong Girl,” that’s meant to make the wearer feel as good as they look. The pieces are covered in motivating and empowering designs and has the word “strength” stitch into each item.

The entire collection, which includes tops, leggings and the SG Runner, a new shoe designed and constructed by Gomez, drops on December 12, but before its launch, Gomez opened up to ELLE about the inspiration behind her designs.

“I get really insecure sometimes, I go through weird ups and downs, but in general I just want people to wear what they feel comfortable in,” Gomez, who recently sought treatment after suffering an emotional breakdown, told the website about her new line.

She said that she’s inspired most by her friends’ style, and invited them to join in on the ad campaign with her. “I don’t have friends that are all the same size or anything. I understand women’s bodies more from my friends, because of the way that they dress and what fits them.”

But she especially wants women to feel comfortable wearing the items wherever they go – whether it’s the gym or everyday life.

“I want to encourage women. I really would love to use my platform for good, and along the way have so much fun with movies and the music. I wouldn’t be able to do any of it if it weren’t for the people that supported me, and that kind of sounds like a cliché, but its true,” Gomez reflected.

She continued: “So I think for me, I’ve always wanted to be a good example. Not because I’m not going to mess up—I f—k up all the time. It’s more just that I want to be honest with them. I’m going to say: I’m trying the best I can and that’s what you can do too—just try the best that you can, and it’s hard. And you’re not alone.”

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So now that she has a Puma collection and a capsule for Coach under her belt, does she see herself launching her own label sometime soon?

“Oh, I don’t know about that,” she said. “It’s just great to partner with people who really have an understanding of what they do. I’m just happy as it is now. I don’t think there’s going to be any sort of ‘my stuff’ yet. I’m very happy with where I am.”

And right now, the singer is focused on staying healthy. Back in October, a music insider told PEOPLE that she was feeling better and on the mend after seeking treatment after suffering an emotional breakdown while in the hospital.

The breakdown happened after she learned of the news of Justin Bieber’s engagement and marriage to Hailey Baldwin.

“Selena can be a delicate flower, especially because she has had constant medical struggles, but Justin’s engagement and quick marriage threw her off guard and hit her hard,” a music source told PEOPLE.

A source told PEOPLE that Gomez experienced “a panic attack” during her second hospital stay in just a few short weeks — she suffers from a low white blood cell count, a common side effect for kidney transplant patients.

“Selena is feeling better,” the source said. “She is getting the help she needs.”

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