Savvy mum shares hack to prevent colours from fading in the wash & you only need SALT

TIKTOK is awash with helpful tips and life hacks to keep your life in check.

We're particularly big fans of the cheeky cheats that keep our homes, ourselves and our clothes clean and tidy with minimal cost and effort.

So you can imagine our delight when we discovered a savvy cleaning fan's guide to washing colours that was so simple but so effective.

Chantel Mila, uploaded the TikTok video for her 277k followers with the caption: "The secret to prevent your favourite jeans from fading – save this one for later!"

In the video the home tips guru gave her four instructions when washing coloured clothes in the machine.

The first was to always do up the zips and buttons on your items so they don't rub against other garments in the wash.

For the second, she said: "Turn clothes inside out to protect the fabric dye."

She then revealed her next top tip: "Wash with a salt based laundry booster to lock in colours."

When questioned by a viewer if this could be any salt product, Chantel replied that she used Epsom salts.

Finally the influencers recommended washing the clothes on a cold water setting with a slower skin cycle.

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