Savvy mum makes her dirty fake white Christmas tree look brand new again using £1 spray from The Range

NOT only are they cost effective – but one of the best things about a fake Christmas tree is how they don't shed pesky needles all over your home.

That said, one thing we've never considered before is how their colour starts to dull and fade over time – but thanks to one mum's handy trick, this might be about to become a thing of the past.

Sharing impressive before-and-after photos on the Facebook group Hinch Army House Decorating Tips, mum-of-two Charlotte Jayne wrote: "I've had my white tree for years and to be honest, I was thinking of throwing it out as it had gone rather yellow."

In a last-ditch attempt to give her 10-year-old tree a new lease of life, Charlotte decided to see if Mrs Hinch's favourite Elbow Grease spray would do the job – and much to her delight, it actually worked.

Although the £1 spray is typically used as a kitchen cleaner in how it gets rid of grease and food stains, the cult cleaning product can also be used on plastic, metal and fabric.

Charlotte told Fabulous Digital that she started by spraying every inch of her tree with Elbow Grease and let it sink in for 10 minutes.

After this, she then ran a bath with warm water and rinsed the tree off before getting any excess water off with a towel.

The mum then took the tree apart and allowed the separate pieces to dry in a warm room room for the next three days before she assembled it again to decorate.

Thrilled with the result, Charlotte's 10-year-old tree looks as good as new and now has pride of place in her living room again.

Needless to say, other members of the group were similarly blown away by the results.

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One gushed: "Wow whiter than white – I bet so many have thrown theirs out in the past! They will be kicking themselves now."

As if to prove this point, another replied: "Can't believe I've just got rid of white tree cause this had happened to mine…"

A third added: "Sounds silly but I've never thought to put the tree in the bath, I'm going to try this – thanks for sharing!"

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