Savvy mum bags £100 worth of Barbies & clothes for FREE then makes a wardrobe for pennies & her daughter is delighted

A MUM has revealed the amazing haul of Barbies and outfits she got for free from Facebook Marketplace.

Stacey Prior bagged around £100 worth of dolls on the budget site, which she gave her daughter for Christmas, leaving her "over the moon".

Her little girl then asked for a wardrobe for all the clothes, which normally costs about £20, but her parents made her one for pennies.

Posting on Facebook's Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group, the mum-of-two said: "I got my daughter Barbies and clothes for Christmas.

"I got them off marketplace from someone for free. I took what I thought she would like and passed the rest on to someone else on marketplace, again for free.

"I washed them, their hair and all the clothes. My husband even blow dried their hair… she was absolutely over the moon."

Explaining how they created the wardrobe, she added: "We went to B&Q and bought a piece of wood that you give a donation for to a local charity.

"We got tester pots reduced to 10p and brushes reduced to 50p. She sat and made it with her Dad. Watching him and helping wherever she could.

"She painted her wardrobe. Our neighbour made a super sticker for it and I used my visual merch skills to create this end result.

"It’s given us something to work on together on another grey Tier 4 day. The outcome is so cute.

"All this stuff has been saved going to landfill. There’s also some pretty cool original pieces in there and it has bought so much joy."

The mum added that the savings on the Barbies allowed her to take her daughter and son to their first panto, "which was a huge hit".

Her fellow parents loved the idea, gushing: "Well done. You have made a little girl happy, taught her skills, reduced landfill, and made memories. All in all a great success."

Another woman said: "This is fantastic, I love the wardrobe and she will always remember building it with you all over Christmas, that what matters, not price tags!"

Others raved: "That's fabulous" and "Bravo".

One person commented: "That’s brilliant I bet she was so chuffed", while another said: "Everyone should be doing this."

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