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A FAMILY who swapped their shoestring budget for a millionaire lifestyle on Rich House, Poor House were left “disgusted” after splashing £80 on a luxury meal out.

Single mum Amy Impey, and her two children Stacey, 17, and Brandon, 8, swap houses and budgets with millionaire property tycoon Immanuel Ezekiel in tonight’s episode.

Immanuel shares his exclusive London penthouse with son Joel, 22, and daughter Chelsea, 29 is often over to visit.

The dad’s income puts him in the top ten per cent of UK earners with a weekly budget of £1,229.62 after bills, compared to school cook Amy who has just £140.17 after working 30 hours a week.

To test whether money really does bus happiness the two families swap houses and budgets on the Channel 5 programme with the Ezekiels making themselves at home in Amy’s three-bed council property in Boreham wood.

Meanwhile the Impeys get a taste of the high life in Immanuel’s property, which admittedly he doesn’t see a lot of, taking six months of the year off work to travel.

With their sky-high budget burning a hole in her pocket, Amy takes her children out for a slap up three course dinner – what will be Brandon’s first.

But it is hardly the luxury experience they were hoping for with Brandon declaring that his burger is “really disgusting” and mum Amy admitting he is normally used to the “processed kind.”

And with the bill coming to almost £85, it leaves a bad taste in Amy’s mouth as well.

She admits: “Lovely, but it wasn’t enough, I’m still starving. It was like four mouthfuls and I’m dying of hunger.”

The family also take their first ever visit to London, despite living just 13 miles outside, where Amy is left stunned at the £54 taxi fare around the city.

In fact the mum-of-two struggles to get to grips with a weekly budget that is almost equivalent to her monthly income.

Just a few days in to the challenge she admits: “I thought once you have loads of money you’re really happy but actually I don’t think it really works like that.

“I think it makes it easier, but I don’t think it makes you happier.”

Meanwhile the Ezekiels are facing challenges of their own.

Immanuel usually has housekeeper but with £20 to live off a day he is forced to take up chores, and a gym membership is out of the question seeing the dad-of-two lifting bricks in the back garden.

“I work hard to do the things I want to do rather than the things I don’t want to do” he admits.

Immanuel was determined to “reground” his two children and teach them the value of money, which they are tested on when they are given a budget of £56 for a food shop.

And Chelsea and Joel surprise their dad when they come home with £10 change and enough food to stock up the cupboards.

But while the families seemingly live worlds apart, Amy and Immanuel have both been through painful break-ups.

The dad split from his wife 11 years ago, and it took two years before Chelsea was even prepared to speak to him, but he credits the experience for making him more grateful.

He explains: “The last time I had to think about budgets specifically was in the last economic crash 2007, the banks pulled all their loans against me, one of my businesses went bust, I was going through a divorce.

“Three things happened simultaneously I had no income coming in whatsoever.

“I have been from one end to the other and that’s why I’m so grateful for where I am now having come through the other end.”

Meanwhile Amy split from her partner 11 months ago, leaving her even worse off.

“It does hurt you, you’re on your own” she says “We are living hand to mouth.”

After learning more about Amy’s struggle from her brother Rob, and of their shared experience Immanuel is determined to help the mum in some way.

With the help of his children, he picks up some carboot sale bargains and redecorates Brandon’s bedroom.

I thought once you have loads of money you’re really happy but actually I don’t think it really works like that.

After finishing the room, he says: “Amy’s been struggling as a single mum.

“If one thing she can take from us is that stability will eventually come round and if you need help the greatest thing is asking for help, show your vulnerability.”

He is reduced to tears as he adds: “Not showing ‘I have muscles I’m strong but my great strength has been my vulnerability’.”

In a final gesture towards the mum, Immanuel uses his property expertise to help the mum achieve her dream of buying her property, agreeing to help her to find the best deal.

After ending their journey on the ultimate treat for Brandon, a £300 trip to the race track, the Impeys come face to face with the Ezekiels .

Amy admits that she was “worried that they’d think she is was chav” but Immanuel is quick to reassure her.

He says: “It wasn’t easy, trying to live how you live, you can see how difficult it is, but we were really pleasantly surprised.

“First and foremost, you need to be proud of yourself; you’re doing an amazing job.”

He adds: “You’ve helped us in a sense; we’ve remembered how very lucky we are.”

The Impeys return home to find they have been left with a supermarket gift card and with their metre completely topped up.

Speaking of her experience Amy says: “Being a parent isn’t about buying the latest trainers or gadgets, it’s being there and spending time with them and that’s the reality check and the kids have probably realised we’re alright.”

“I believe money can enrich your life, but you can’t buy happiness” agrees Immanuel.

Rich House, Poor House airs tonight, at 9pm on Channel 5.

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