Queen Letizia avoids common practice for ‘gloriously shiny’ hair and ‘European glamour’

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Queen Letizia shows off her healthy long hair in all her public appearances and she is not afraid of embracing her grey hair. The Spanish monarch likes to keep her brunette locks loose although she sometimes opts for a chic low ponytail or bun. But how does Queen Letizia achieve her “gloriously shiny” hair?

Charles Worthington Salons’ master stylist Nick Willis said “Queen Letizia wears her hair in an effortless style” and this organic look is “synonymous with European glamour”.

“A casual yet beautiful way to wear your hair,” he explained.

Nick said she has a “radiant shine with lots of movement” and this can be easily achieved “by blow-drying with a large round bristle brush and using an anti-frizz cream”.

The stylist explained: “If you struggle with frizz and have hard to discipline hair, then I would highly recommend a Keratin blow dry.

“I like to use Nanopure.

“It’s a salon smoothing treatment which leaves your hair feeling healthy, defrizzed and glossy, much like the Queen of Spain’s gloriously shiny locks.”

This is not a straightening treatment, therefore “you can wear your hair with waves and movement too”.

Pedro Moreno, Education Manager of Jean Louis David, explained Queen Letizia “always opts for a very natural look with her extremely elegant grey hair”.

The expert said this is one of the reasons why her hair remains incredibly healthy.

Many women colour their hair every few weeks but the Spanish monarch avoids this common practice to preserve her natural shine.

Pedro explained: “This is also the secret that allows her hair to always look shiny.

“Since natural hair is not exposed to the oxidation produced by hair colouring.

“Therefore, is capable of reflecting more of the light that falls on it, which is what determines its shine.”

In terms of the monarch’s haircut, hair stylist Gabriel Llano revealed: “One of Queen Letizia’s tricks to show off that impeccable hair is that she wears it very full with a good haircut.

“It is a point in her favour to show off a thicker hair.

“Because it helps us control it better and achieve more density at the ends and give more body to the hair.

“And another of her secrets is the hydration treatments with which she takes care of her hair.

“In addition to the fact that she has naturally strong hair,” he explained.

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