Pulling An All Nighter For Black Friday Might Sound Wild, But Here’s Who’s Most Likely To Do It

When it comes to online shopping, I’d argue that the best and worst part about it is that it can happen anywhere, at any time, day or night. For instance, I’ve literally ordered discount books and bras on my phone while standing in a (way too long) line for coffee. The truth is, though, I love shopping of all kinds. Although, I’m not quite sure I love it enough to, say, pull an all-nighter on Black Friday in the name of scoring some of the best deals. For one thing, why shop in person when you can easily add items to your online cart from the comfort of your bed?

Well, I may not really be able to wrap my brain around the idea of losing sleep for the sake of shopping, but there are plenty of people who live for exactly that this time of year. The shopping rewards app Shopkick surveyed over 7,000 of its users across America to figure out how shoppers of all ages are planning to score the best Black Friday deals this year, and according to the results, which were sent to Elite Daily via email, 16 percent of Generation Z respondents (aka people who are in their teens, up to roughly 23 years old) are planning to stay up until the crack of dawn, not just to pile purchases into their online carts, my friends, but to actually wait outside of stores to be the very first in line at their favorite mall or outlet.

Hats off to that, because personally, I barely leave my bed to shop at this point. Just sayin’.

What’s more, Gen Z is apparently more willing to endure sleep deprivation than generations before them, as only 7 percent of Gen X shoppers (aka people between about 39 and 53 years old) in the survey said they plan to camp out for Black Friday deals.

But listen: If you’re one of the many people who wants to stay up all night for Black Friday, it won’t all be for naught. After all, I’d imagine that, if you’re so dedicated that you’ll leave your house at 3 a.m. to go shopping in a crowded mall, you’ve probably done your research, and you know where the best deals are at.

In fact, Shopkick’s survey found that 74 percent of its Black Friday shoppers "will do their research and read up on deals before the big day," while only 19 percent are planning to "play it by ear," or, you know, shop by the seat of their heavily discounted pants.

Whether you’re planning to brave the crowds in person or shop by the blue-lit glow of your computer, you might want to consider how to prepare yourself, since all-nighters can definitely take a toll on your body and mind.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, on a basic level, an all-nighter can cause you to be forgetful, unfocused, and moody, and yes, it definitely causes your sleep cycle to go all out of whack. But hey, it’s worth it for those discounts, right?

So, be sure to rest up the night before the sales, arm yourself with things like water, healthy snacks, and a friend who’s down to talk and chill all night, and maybe don’t drive yourself to the mall that night, since your brain’s not exactly in the right place to focus, you know?

Happy shopping!

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