Proud mum revamps her staircase using inspirational quotes but gets slammed for being ‘tacky’

A MUM who proudly revamped her staircase with inspirational quotes has been slammed for her ‘tacky’ decor. 

DIY projects have soared in popularity and one woman jumped on the bandwagon, getting her husband to give their staircase a makeover. 

They painted it white, added some trendy grey carpet treads and accessorised it with candles on each side. 

The mum decided it would be the perfect place to add an inspirational quote, which she bought off eBay. 

It reads: “Live every moment, laugh every day, love beyond words.” 

Sharing snaps of her new staircase to Facebook group DIY On A budget UK, she said: “Took my stair carpet up and copied some of you on here.

I think it looks great but I’d remove the live, laugh love as it’s become a modern cliché and a bit tacky

“Not bad I suppose.

“Satinwood the steps and bought some carpet treads and the words off eBay.” 

But people slammed the revamp as ‘tacky’ and ‘cliche’, with the post racking up hundreds of comments.

One person said: “I think it looks great but I’d remove the live, laugh love as it’s become a modern cliché and a bit tacky.” 

Someone else joked: “It’s sooooo original.” 

A third commented: “Here’s a great way to keep people away from your house.

“Put that tacky sign up and no one will come near.” 

This person wrote: “I’d sooner smear cat s*** all over riser than put them words on them.” 

After being called out, one person said: “Hardly rude! Rude would be saying it looks tacky, carpet treads are off centre and all that clutter is a tripping hazard. Maybe a bit of irony in her comment though.” 

The mum did respond to some of the trolls, saying: “My hubby put the treads down when I was out I did go mad with him as they’re not central you’re right lol but they’re so hard to pull back up I left them.” 

And not everyone thought the design was bad, as one person added: “Wonderful idea! The perfect place for everyday positive reminder.”

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