Primark fans wowed by shop's new Instagram post, commenting it's 'gorgeous'

AN influencer rocking a "gorgeous" Primark two-piece has sparked a surge of self-empowerment messages from women who believe that life is too short to worry about your size.

The £27 baby blue ensemble, featuring a striking swirled print, left readers wondering if Primark would be stocking larger sized clothing in future.

More than 1,000 users gathered in the comments section in support of voluptuous model @hollieplus, suggesting, "Think we need to see more plus-size models. They are gorgeous. We should embrace all sizes."

Another argued, "Why do people have to wear [only] flattering things? Life’s too short to only wear clothes that make your body look smaller or a different shape."

Heartened to see a range of "realistic" sizes represented – and not just in the "baggy and unfashionable" category – dozens of women took to Instagram to congratulate her, but also to share their own stories and self-empowerment issues.

"I’ve had so many lovely messages," Holly wrote, "along with questions about being confident, dealing with negativity and how to just be happy with yourself."

"Firstly, no one else’s opinion of you matters. Fact. Being confident is a roller coaster. For me my confidence comes from wearing clothes that make me feel great."

Rallying against the type of trolls who might feign horror at seeing a larger size in a crop top, she delivered a clear and simple message – "Life is too short not to wear what you want."

"You do you and do it the way you want," she continued, "no matter your size or shape."

"Whether you’re losing weight, gaining weight or are body neutral, it’s your opinion that counts, no-one else’s – we only got one life!"

Meanwhile Primark fans commenting that they'd "never seen a size larger than an 18" in-store are left wondering whether a plus-size range might be forthcoming in the future.


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