Poundland is selling storage boxes for Christmas trees & baubles for £2 to keep everything organised until next year

ARE you someone who takes out your Christmas decorations every year to find them tangled up and in a mess?

Poundland is selling special storage boxes for baubles, Christmas trees and wreaths to solve the issue – and they only cost £2.

A savvy shopper posted a photo of the boxes they picked up to help organise their decorations on Facebook.

Taking to the group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, they wrote: “For anyone looking for storage for their baubles, wreaths and Christmas tree. £2 each from Poundland.”

The box has enough space for 64 breakable baubles, while the other bags can hold round wreaths or trees. 

People have said they could be the answer to protecting their precious baubles and breakable decorations each year.

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One person raved: “I bought the wreath and bauble one. So good and the wreath one is a lot bigger than expected too. Well worth the money!”

Another added: “good idea.”

And a third said: “need the baubles one.”

Studio also sells a similar wrapping paper storage container online for £3.99.

As Poundland doesn’t sell online, if you want to grab one of theirs you’ll have to head to your nearest store.

Meanwhile, shoppers are raving about Poundland’s stunning new homeware range and prices start at just £2.

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